1. The warranty covers Galileodolce instruments provided with Warranty Card, purchased directly from a producer, i.e. Galileodolce Kinga Krzesiwo, 3 Wiśniowa Street, Pisarzowice 43-332, Poland, NIP: 9372304712 or through the representatives of Galileodolce. A full list can be found on the website galileodolce.com.
  2. The Warranty Card is only valid with all of the following:
  • with proof of purchase,
  • if it is stamped and signed by the Seller,
  • if all sections have been legibly completed regarding the name, model and serial number of the instrument, without any changes or deletions. Any deletions or corrections to the Warranty Card cause its cancelation.
  1. The warranty period is 2 years. It is valid from the date of purchase of the instrument, only for the first user.
  2. The Seller guarantees the efficient operation of the instrument for which the Warranty Card is issued, provided that the instrument is used according to its purpose and recommendations.
  3. The warranty covers hidden defects related to material defects and/or error in the production process.
  4. The warranty for silver plating and lacquered instruments is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase, only for the first user. The company does not provide a warranty on gold plating and De Vinci raw model (without lacquer).
ATTENTION!!! Parts of the instrument that are in direct contact with the body during use may become discolored, e.g. due to sweat from the hands. After each use, the instrument should be wiped with a soft, dry cloth to remove dirt, traces of fingers, sweat or water, and then put into the original case. Dirt that is difficult to remove, should be cleaned with water and a soft cloth only. Do not use other cleaners as they may cause discoloration and damage to the instrument’s plating. The silver plating can be cleaned with a silver cleaner.
  1. The warranty does not cover:
  • mechanical damages,
  • damages caused by improper use, storage or maintenance of the instrument,
  • damages caused by random actions, such as fire, flooding, action of chemicals, high power, etc.,
  • damages resulting from repairs and modifications of the instrument made by the buyer or user or carried out on the buyer or user’s instruction.
  1. The warranty does not cover elements subject to normal wear, scratches, dirt that is difficult to remove, worn-out inscriptions etc. and subjective feelings of the user about the instrument, eg. regarding its tuning.
  2. Unauthorized repair or inappropriate usage of the instrument will result in the termination of this warranty.
  3. If the warranty can not be proved, the warranty claims expire.
  4. The warranty obligation does not apply to minor characteristics that are not relevant to the value or utility of the instrument.
  5. Works or services covered by the warranty do not extend or start a new warranty period.
  6. The customer can not claim warranty for an instrument whose serial number is unrecognizable or can not be read.
  7. The person making the complaint is obliged to deliver the instrument to the Seller in the original packaging or other, ensuring safe transport. Otherwise, the risk of damage to the instrument will be borne by the person making the complaint. Shipments should be sent with the CAUTION-GLASS sticker.
  8. The warranty applies worldwide.