Welcome to Galileodolce

„I’ve been a music professor for more than 20 years and I’ve become aware of the importance of choosing the best instrument for a student. I’ve seen the high priced instruments that were the consequences of choosing musical instruments which were not suitable to start playing on or not good enough for intermediate and advanced students. Professional excellent instruments are very high priced and not everyone can afford them. Therefore we have found the solution for all the above – Galileodolce instruments.”


Galileodolce are hand-made professional instruments that stand out for their unique appearance, beautiful sweet sound and lightness of playing.

Galileo…discover…dolce… the beautiful sweet sound of our instruments.


Customer references

„These are wonderful trumpets! The construction craftmanship is very good…fine silver plating, excelent valve and slide action. Very impressive, especialy for the price range!”

Howard Engstrom

„I took the risk knowing, that if I didn’t get on I could send it back. But I am very pleased to say it sounds awesome, very clear beautiful sound.”

Chris Dimmick

„My high expectations were easily exceeded.”

Tom Thompson