About Us

Galileodolce is a company founded with a passion for music

We are a Polish producer of high quality brass and woodwind instruments. We specialize in creating professional trumpets and mouthpieces, however we also offer excellent quality flugelhorns, cornets, clarinets and saxophones. Careful workmanship and their unique design make the Galileodolce instruments stand out for their beautiful, delicate, sweet sound and lightness of playing. They have quickly gained recognition amongst musicians around the world, including soloists and orchestral players, as well as teachers and students.

The inventor of the new line of instruments and the founder of Galileodolce is Tamir Akta
– world-class trumpeter, soloist, composer and respected trumpet teacher.

Sweet sound

Not only a passion for music, but also our hard work on the design and creation of our instruments makes them gain favour amongst artists all over the world. Beautiful sweet sound and lightness of playing are the results of working on finding the best solution
that will satisfy even the most demanding player. This principle has been guiding us since the foundation of the Galileodolce company.