Bussina Brass Quintet in Japan

They didn’t see any cherry blossom but they had an amazing adventure, met wonderful people, made many new contacts and gained valuable experience.

Bussina Brass Quintet is an international brass quintet, which includes trumpet professors and Galileodolce artists Sergiu Cârstea (Romania) and Tamir Akta (Israel), alongside trombone player Ivan Bosnjak (Croatia), French horn player Daniel Molnár (Hungary)
and tuba player Jeliko Kertez (Croatia).

In December 2018 they traveled around Japan for almost 2 weeks. They taught young musicians from 5 music schools and gave
5 concerts, in which they presented classical, Croatian and jazz music. Their travels included cities such as Tsuruoka, Niigata, Nara, Osaka and Kyoto, located on the largest Japanese Island – Honshu.

The young people and children they taught astonished them with their sophisticated personal culture and approach to life and other people. „The respect and honour they had towards each other and adults was truly remarkable. They are amazing. They really wanted to learn a lot from us. This is probably due to the fact that there are not many trumpet teachers in Japan. Our masterclasses provided them with a lot of knowledge, for which they were very grateful to us. I hope I will have the opportunity to go there and work with them again” (Tamir Akta).